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Fuck Jim Rome

Jim Rome is pissing me off. 1st I was rejected last year for a job on his show as a production assistant. Now what he said on Monday's show....

"Congratulations to the Cal State Fullerton Titans on winning the 1004 College World Series. The Titans beat Texas 3-2, to win their first title since 1995. Hey, Fullerton takes a lot of heat on this program, and for a number of very good reasons. First and foremost, they produced J-Stew. No one should take responsibility for that, but I blame Fullerton. Also, they had a skank on their track team who moonlighted by stripping on the side. I blame Fullerton for that as well.

And of course they had their baseball team a few years ago get into trouble at the College World Series for throwing rocks off their hotel roof. How very Fullerton of them. But they deserve their props when they do something noteworthy. And winning a National Title is noteworthy. And I hope that all of the guys on that team go on to have productive Major League careers. After all, that is pretty much their only hope in life. If they have to fall back on those Fullerton �diplomas� or their Fullerton �educations�, then that isn�t going to be good for anyone. That�s bad for them, because they are going to be under skilled and not able to find meaningful work.

That is bad for us, because those of us with jobs are going to have to fund their welfare checks. It�s a lose-lose situation. Congrats on the World Series title, but never forget that you still go to Fullerton, have no hope of a respectable future, and no World Series title is ever going to erase that. And congrats on the drafting of Pape Sow in the NBA. I am sure he is going to be a force in the league for decades. "

Fuck Off Jim Rome!
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