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The journal of a demented mind.

(well sort of demented)

The House
31 December
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Hell-o all. I'm Dan from Anaheim, California. I used to run 2 shows on Titan Radio called Noise Pollution and Static Cling. Now after graduating college with degrees in Radio/TV/Film and in Language Arts, I have decided to do the obvious...buy an Italian Restaurant. Well, I did after college with a former co-worker, but since have sold the restaurant. I just work for Krock-Echo.com as a DJ/promotional director. I'm currently looking for a full time job, so keep checking back for updates.

Dating status wise, I'm dating Yannette Lopez. In fact I love her. We met through one of my employees, Maryanne, while I still owned Giovanni's.

Overall I consider myself an eclectic person which you can see on my interests section. I like many different cultural and sub-cultural groups out there. So check out my journal if you'd like and reply to a comment if you'd like to be added as a friend.

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