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Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" this week. It's real good. I was wondering what supposedly were the "lies" that the Republican Party were claiming Michael Moore was telling. Watching the movie, everything used was public knowledge stuff that if the average American would do some research, they would find themselves. The problem is that the average American wouldn't dig that deep to find out this stuff, so it's actually good that Moore took the initiative to do it.

One scene that through me for a loop was the 9-11-01 footage of Bush. He was told that a terrorist attack was occurring as his limo was driving to an elementary school for a photo op. He told them to keep going to the school because he wanted to do the photo op. Then while in the classroom, his aide informs him about the 2nd plane hitting the Trade Center and the Pentagon. Instead of doing anything once again, he sits there and picks up a children's book called "My Pet Goat" and reads it for over 7 minutes before one of his staff members really starts to urge him to make a decision. He just sat there. How is that a lie? The footage is right there for anyone to see.

That and the Bush family and friends making $816 million off of the Iraq war. The company that got the war building contract to build tanks, etc. was a company called The Chryler Group (Spelling?). The majority investor of this company to get this incredible contract....the Bin Laden family. The leader of the advisory board of the company....George Bush Sr. So while America prepared to attack Iraq, the Bin Laden family was making money from America's preparation.

Also Bush's 1st oil business he owned was funded by a Bin Laden family link.

There is so much more evidence in the movie of their wrong doings, footage of people like Donald Rumsfield hanging out with Bin Laden and the Taliban taking tours of parts of the United States being guided by Bush.

With all this evidence, I don't see how anyone could possibly vote for him. I'm not even saying to vote for Kerry necessarily, but find some other candidate to vote for. Jesus it showed evidence of Bush knowing the attack was going to happen and him purposely ignoring the warnings. One funny scene was how House members urged young Americans to join the military, since it was an honor and a real career oppurtunity. Although they did this, only 1 member of the 500+ member Congress had a son/daughter serve in the military. Moore walks around to members of Congress and starts asking them if they would like to sign their kids up for the military and they started to get mad that he would suggest putting their kids in danger....but it's ok for you to urge other kids to be in danger?

I think this movie was excellent. I just hope more people see it before the election. Moore's actually got an October DVD release date for this movie, so it'll be on the minds of the voters before the election.
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