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Bush Breaks Laws

The Bush campaign has taken a new low. President Bush, has asked churches to hand over their church membership lists so he can campaign to them directly by mail or phone.

The campaign issued a guide that calls the churches to hand over their membership, a "duty" to the American government. They distributed a guide to churches with a list of "duties" and deadlines for each church to respond by.

Doesn't anyone see a problem here? It's against the law!! Seperation of Church and State. Churches don't have a duty to President Bush to help him campaign. If a church chooses to do so on it's own, then that's their choice, but to be formally told by the Bush administration to do so....bull shit! I don't think many churches will listen to him though and if they don't, there is nothing legally he can do about it. He's not even legally allowed to ask this in the 1st place. A coordination between a political administration and church would be an illegal act.

I've seen a few articles on this topic and only one of them seemed to argue the point that it's against the law. Where the hell is the public outrage on this? Maybe not outrage, but at least disgust.
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